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Prebuilt Integration of AlertOps and Remedy Creates a Complete Service and Incident Management System

September 27, 2016

Remedy, a solution produced by BMC Software, is a comprehensive IT service management system that helps you keep customers happy. Remedy enables you to holistically manage entire networks and multiple applications.

But when it comes to incident management, your tech teams are your customers. Integrating AlertOps with Remedy expands your management system to your internal customers. This way your teams can keep your systems running and your clients happy.

Here’s what AlertOps and Remedy can do together:

  • Send custom messages in alerts with clickable links that take users straight to the Remedy ticket. That’s fast customer service!
  • Send ticket owners an email with a link that takes them directly to AlertOps and assigns an owner to the ticket in Remedy. Let AlertOps take care of the administrative work.
  • Specify users and groups who will receive alerts based on the alert type, so alerts go straight to the people who can solve the problem.
  • Use topics to automatically assign alerts based on the type of problem. Send the issue right to the experts.
  • Specify access codes for connecting to the conference bridge.

Do all of this with our Generic Email API or our Generic REST API, depending on your version of remedy.

Check out our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Remedy configuration.