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Honeybadger and AlertOps Integration Makes It Even Easier to Monitor App Uptime and Health

August 16, 2016

Honeybadger is an app monitoring service that helps developers diagnose and fix application errors. Honeybadger monitors for exceptions and outages and provides immediate alerts and diagnostic information when an issue occurs, so you can pinpoint the problem and fix it with minimal impact to your bottom line.

Honeybadger is an outstanding tool, but it has its limitations. AlertOps couples with Honeybadger using the Generic Rest API and automates much of the incident communication process.

AlertOps takes the stress of ensuring the right people have the information they need by receiving alerts and updates directly from Honeybadger and routing them to the right teams and managers. This eliminates redundant work for your teams and reduces the need to manage alerts and updates so your tech teams can focus on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you get with Honeybadger and AlertOps integration:

  • A direct connection between Honeybadger and AlertOps using just the Generic Rest API. There are no external integration plugins, extensions, or widgets.
  • Send out custom messages with alerts so your teams immediately have information they need to start troubleshooting.
  • Use mapping topics to route alerts to different teams based on the incident type. Tell the people who need to know, and let everyone else keep working. This is especially valuable for large teams that are subdivided into smaller teams and need to route alerts from the same source to different teams.
  • AlertOps streamlines incident escalation by sending automated updates to incident owners and providing workflows for triggering notifications to other systems and people as an incident is escalated.
  • AlertOps workflows can trigger other workflows if a different control process is needed as a major incident evolves.
  • AlertOps automatically opens and closes alerts from Honeybadger to minimize trivial tasks, keep your alerts dashboard clear, and reduce alert fatigue.

Integrating Honeybadger and AlertOps will improve your incident communication, help you resolve incidents more efficiently, and ultimately protect your bottom line by keeping your app online as much as possible.

Learn more about how AlertOps helps you resolve incidents faster and integrates with the monitoring and diagnostic tools you already use in our help center.