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AlertOps Improves IT Infrastructure Monitoring With Prebuilt Nagios Integration

September 16, 2016

Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to monitor, audit, and analyze their IT systems and identify problems and threats before they affect critical business processes.

As powerful as Nagios is, its core purpose is monitoring networks and detecting problems. AlertOps integrates with Nagios through our Generic Email API and combines the monitoring power of Nagios with incident communication and alert management.

Here are just a few things an AlertOps and Nagios integration does for you:

  • Automatically create and close incidents based on the status received from Nagios. AlertOps automates the incident creation process so your teams can start troubleshooting immediately.
  • Automatically push notifications to the right team members through voice, text, email, and mobile push notifications. This ensures that the best people for resolving the incident are in the loop and working to solve the problem.
  • Route alerts to team members according to on-call schedules so that a team member sees the alert as soon as possible for the fastest incident response.
  • Automate the incident escalation process by routing alerts to other systems. Always escalate incidents according to escalation policies and get the right level of response.

These are just a few things that integrating AlertOps and Nagios will bring to your incident management teams.

Check out our help center to learn how to configure the integration and what else AlertOps and Nagios can do for you.