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Use Reporting and Analytics to Boost Incident Response Accountability

July 14, 2016

Enterprises require incident reporting and analytics to evaluate contractors, adjust staffing levels and budget properly. Plus, in-depth incident reports and analytics enable enterprises to see who was notified, when and how, as well as review every alert acknowledgement, assignment and escalation.

Many alert monitoring systems offer incident reporting and analytics tools. However, not all incident reporting and analytics tools are identical. If an enterprise chooses an inferior alert tracking system, it risks missing out on incident reporting and analytics tools that could be used to drive meaningful business improvements.

Selecting a state-of-the-art incident monitoring system with advanced reporting and analytics can be simple. Here are four reporting and analytics features to prioritize during a search for a top-notch enterprise incident tracking system:

  • Dashboard Reports: With dashboard reports, an enterprise can learn about all aspects of an incident.
  • Data Export: By exporting alert data, an enterprise can query an alert incident database and move this data to Excel for fast, seamless analysis.
  • Summary Reports: Summary reports allow an enterprise to analyze its service-level agreement (SLA) performance, the number of assignments per user and alert status distribution.
  • Trend Reports: Thanks to trend reports, an enterprise can perform weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly SLA analyses and assess average resolution time and SLA violations.

For enterprises that want to get the most out of an incident tracking system, world-class reporting and analytics are key. Incident reporting and analytics empower an enterprise with actionable insights it can use to speed up incident response and optimize the time and resources at its disposal. Best of all, enterprises can use incident reporting and analytics to prevent minor outages from becoming long-lasting problems that otherwise put a company, its brand reputation and its revenues in danger.

Don’t let a minor incident get out of control – deploy an incident monitoring system that features comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, and your enterprise can obtain unprecedented insights into outages, downtime and other costly, time-intensive business issues.