This enterprise retail store had several service, on-call, personal monitoring tools for various online business operations. They were using some of the best-of-the-breed monitoring tools, but when something went amiss, it still took them a long time to get the right personnel notified. Even after blasting out emails to everyone, and their grandmothers, on-call, they found it very hard to collaborate amongst groups and update each other on the status of the incident in real time. On top of this, the people higher up who needed quick status reports and metrics on how things were going were finding it hard to get to that information.

It was this gap that Cyber Korp was called in to fill. We analyzed the situation and realized that their users needed a central incident management system that was capable of keeping track of, notifying, acknowledging, updating, and reporting on the various incidents being reported by different monitoring tools. We realized the need for key 3rd party monitoring tool integrations so that all of these systems can talk seamlessly with ours. We realized that different support folk use different devices and systems to help support their products including phones, smartphones, tablets and computers, and therefore have built a robust multi-modal communication system. We realized that no two clients are alike and while they all love out-of-the-box solutions, they also have the need to customize their solutions so that they can set their own priorities on workflows and determine escalation paths as they see fit. Most importantly, we realized how important having a good mobile solution is in today’s environment.

The culmination of all of these ideas and real-world requirements is AlertOps! While the prototype, CyberTalk, was built as an on-premises application to support our single client’s needs, the newly re-branded version is available on the cloud under a SaaS model that is multi-tenant ready. We truly believe that though we had our roots in supporting 1000s of users for an enterprise client, we are also the best solution for any small business service provider who wants something powerful yet flexible, and most importantly affordable to help reduce their time to resolution of any incident. Welcome to AlertOps!