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How to Improve Enterprise Incident Response Team Management

July 14, 2016

Effective enterprise incident response requires ongoing teamwork and communication. Because if incident response team members cannot work together to achieve common goals, an enterprise, its employees and its customers could suffer the consequences.

Although effective incident response is a top priority for enterprises worldwide, managing thousands of end users across hundreds of support teams is rarely simple. In some instances, enterprises are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of users and cannot handle incident alerts and support requests. This may lead to expensive, time-intensive incidents that damage an enterprise, its brand reputation and its revenues.

There is no reason for an enterprise to experience significant downtime, outages and other incidents. Fortunately, an alert tracking system that offers the following capabilities can help an enterprise streamline incident response:

  • Delegated Administration: Delegated administration provides role-based security. It allows an enterprise to delegate incident response team tasks to specific administrators and customize its security roles.
  • Exchange Synchronization: With an Exchange synchronization integration, an enterprise can automate group member changes by pushing any changes from a premise-hosted Exchange server to the cloud.
  • Bulk Imports: Thanks to bulk imports, an enterprise can use Excel templates to quickly import users, groups and group user assignments.
  • Team Contacts: An enterprise can assign team contacts; that way, an incident response team member will only receive alerts for his or her assigned groups.
  • Groups Within Groups: An enterprise can consolidate multiple groups into parent groups, which may prove to be exceedingly valuable for large incident management and onshore-offshore scenarios.

Enterprise team management is paramount, particularly when it comes to incident response. With the right alert monitoring system in place, an enterprise – regardless of size or industry – can simplify incident response. This enterprise may be better equipped than others to address incidents before they escalate. As a result, this enterprise could simultaneously speed up incident response and reduce its operating costs.

Integrate an alert monitoring system that offers enterprise team management capabilities into your day-to-day operations. By doing so, your enterprise can limit the impact of incidents both now and in the future.

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