ITSM Article by Rick Leopoldi

Check Out This ITSM Article by Rick Leopoldi Do you need to perform your IT functions better and faster? In Rick’s article he talks about the value of service provisioning with a business perspective. Do you want your users with select authorities to be able to have access 24/7 from any [...]

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Best Practices of High-Performing DevOps Teams

Best Practices of High-Performing DevOps Teams Ahigh-performing DevOps team generally fails less and recovers from downtime and outages faster than its counterparts. It also is more likely than others to exceed its objectives and use automation technologies to simplify and enhance its operations. As such, a high-performing DevOps team is quickly [...]

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5 Tips for Setting Up a Modern CI/CD Pipeline

5 Tips for Setting Up a Modern CI/CD Pipeline Acontinuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is a software strategy that empowers organizations to accelerate the delivery of new features to end users. This pipeline for software development drives automation. With a CI/CD pipeline in place, software developers ensure code is automatically [...]

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Collaboration: A Key to DevOps Success

Collaboration: A Key to DevOps Success When it comes to DevOps, collaboration is key, and for good reason. In most cases, successful DevOps teams drive collaboration between developers and IT operations staff. Yet collaboration breakdowns continue to plague many DevOps teams around the world. DevOps collaboration breakdowns may occur for many reasons, [...]

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Collaboration: The Key to Address IoT Issues

Collaboration: The Key to Address IoT Issues Does your business use Internet of Things (IoT) effectively? If not, it could be missing out on opportunities to boost its productivity, increase its revenues and achieve its immediate and long-term goals. IoT is a system of interconnected devices; these devices can exchange data [...]

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Technical Debt Reduction Budget

Budget for Technical Debt Reduction By Greg Wikstrand How can you be agile if you are tied down with technical debt? You need to tie up your resources, set a specific budget that goes to application management.  Technical debt reduction means a return to profitable growth. Technical debt makes innovations harder [...]

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DevOps Tool for Enterprise

DevOps Tool for Enterprise AlertOps gives you the tools you need for your DevOps teams. AlertOps has features built for the enterprise, so you can automate your DevOps operations and streamline communications. Features to improve communications, so you can speed time to resolution. Features to facilitate automation, so you can centralize your alert [...]

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