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Use Incident Management Software to Automate DevOps Operations

October 8, 2015

Enterprise development and operations (DevOps) teams are tasked with quickly and efficiently delivering applications and services. Yet few tools are available to help these teams achieve their day-to-day goals – until now.

Incident management software empowers DevOps teams to simultaneously automate their operations and streamline their communications. It also centralizes alert monitoring and management and provides DevOps team members with seamless access to an enterprise’s IT service management (ITSM) tools.

Additionally, incident management software offers many features to support DevOps teams, and these features include:

  • Smart Routing: On-call scheduling, service-level agreement-based (SLA-based) alert delivery policies, the ability to escalate alerts based on an SLA, user delivery preferences and an out of office mode enable DevOps team members to provide the right alerts, to the right people, every time.
  • Automation: ITSM integrations allow DevOps teams to automate inbound alerts from any tool, outbound alerts to any tool and incident escalations. Plus, open application programming interfaces (APIs) for inbound and outbound communications require no coding and help DevOps teams reduce technology debt.
  • Alert Management: Multi-channel communication, the ability to establish alert priorities and the ability to eliminate duplicate alerts help DevOps teams prevent alert fatigue and noise and streamline alert management.
  • Team Functionality: DevOps teams can page out to large groups or multi-level teams and combine multi-functional teams – both on-shore and off-shore – with in-house groups. That way, DevOps teams can ensure key stakeholders are kept up to date during a major incident.

DevOps plays a critical role in a business’ success. Now, thanks to Incident management software, enterprise DevOps teams can get the support they need to contribute to a company’s success for years to come.

Incident management software allows enterprise DevOps team members to maintain constant contact with one another. It fosters collaboration and communication, and by doing so, enables DevOps teams to identify and address issues before they escalate.

For today’s enterprises, it is vital to provide DevOps teams with the tools they need to succeed. By deploying incident management software, a DevOps team can quickly resolve potential issues. As a result, this team may be better equipped than ever before to optimize its day-to-day results.

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