Three Way Integrations 2016-11-05T23:25:01+00:00

3-way integrations and more

Connect AlertOps to your service desk and add rich alerts, escalations, on-call scheduling and more. Connect AlertOps to your monitoring stack, get smart alerting and consolidate your monitoring alerts. Connect AlertOps to your chat tool and seamlessly integrate collaboration into your incident management process.

Connect AlertOps to all of these systems and get the best of all worlds.

Open and close tickets from chat tool

With AlertOps API, you can open and close tickets from your chat tool. AlertOps will create tickets in your service desk and close them, all based on simple commands in your chat tool. You can also send status updates and comments through to your chat tool.

Send monitoring alerts to your chat tool

Get your team involved instantly when you send a monitoring alert to AlertOps. AlertOps will send the alert to your team’s chat channel.

Send your tickets to your chat tool

You can send your critical tickets to your chat tool through AlertOps and use our two-way integrations to communication with your service desk.

Send your monitoring alerts to your service desk

Automatically create and close tickets in your service desk from your monitoring alerts.

Experience 3-way bliss

Enhance your service desk software, get more use out of your chat tool and better manage your monitoring alerts with AlertOps.