Extendable Incident Management

AlertOps effortlessly extends your incident management platform and connects your monitoring and help desk systems using pre-built integrations and Open, No-Code APIs.
Extendable Incident Management

Open APIs

What happens when you need to integrate proprietary systems, a customized service desk, and an open-sourced system? How do you get your system to work your way? It can be a mess.


AlertOps makes advanced integration easy. Our Open API enables you to connect and configure integrations with almost any system via inbound email, web-hook, REST APIs, and outbound REST APIs.


Email and REST APIs

If you want your integration to just work, AlertOps offers pre-built integrations for the most popular monitoring and help desk systems. We provide step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly with pre-built email or REST API integration. It’s the closest you can get to plug-and-play operation.


Outbound Integrations

Your help desk system should do more than just organize help tickets. AlertOps integrations give your service desk incident management powers. Our outbound integrations enable you to open, update, close, and assign incidents from your service desk system. Configure specific values on each ticket, or use dynamic fields to automatically update the data in every ticket.


Bi-directional Integrations

For successful incident management you need information to flow up and down the incident management chain. AlertOps’ bi-directional integration enables your incident management tools, monitoring tools, help desk system, and other tools to send and receive data.


For example, AlertOps bi-directionally integrates with Slack. With bi-directional integration, AlertOps receives data from Slack comments and uses it to manage alerts. At the same time, Slack takes data from AlertOps to create messages in your team communication channels. This creates transparency and fosters continuous communication throughout your teams.

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