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AlertOps easily extends your incident management platform with our Open, No-Code APIs and connects your monitoring and help desk systems using pre-built integrations. Connect your custom or open-sourced systems using our Open, No-Code REST and Email APIs. AlertOps allows you to also create bi-directional integrations.


Open APIs

What happens when you need to integrate with proprietary systems, a customized service desk or you simply want things to work your way? AlertOps’ Open APIs allow you to configure integrations to almost anything system, via inbound Email and REST and outbound REST and SOAP APIs.

Email and REST APIs

AlertOps comes with a number of pre-built integrations for various monitoring and help desk systems. Our documentation will get you up and running quickly with a pre-built Email or REST API integration.

Outbound Integrations

AlertOps has the callback capability that can notify chat tool with alerts. For example: a HipChat customer you can use the HipChat and AlertOps integration to send messages directly to your chat room about your alerts.

Bi-directional Integrations

AlertOps’ bi-directional integration allows data to be sent and processed by AlertOps and the application. Slack is a tool that AlertOps integrates with bidirectionally; using the integration you can manage AlertOps’ alerts according to the comments entered into Slack and also forward messages to Slack about AlertOps alerts.

Custom routing rules and workflows

Custom routing rules can be configured to route through a team based on routing patterns such as round robin, or assignment-based rules. Routing rules can be linked to a topic, so the person sending the message simply selects the topic, and the system will determine the recipients and routing rules. Select delivery methods at the user, group level, and user’s role. Delivery rules can be configured to mix group and user contacts. AlertOps will turn events into workflows and distributes the resolution activities to your team inside of a Cloud based solution that integrates change management and service level management capabilities. So your time can be spent fixing the problems not keeping a check list of who, what or when. You need to be able to distribute custom workloads and get the message to the right people at the right time. AlertOps is the best way to customize a reliably respond to critical system events and communicate in real-time about issues affecting your business.

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