MOHSO LLC Managed Service Provider

About the company.

The company is an MSP, based out of New York City. They provide services such as cloud migration, infrastructure management, cyber security, disaster management, etc. services to clients from industries such as financial service, healthcare, media production, and marketing agencies. Their goal is to help businesses grow by making their IT systems more agile, resilient, and secure.

The problem:

The MSP was aiming at improving its level of automation and transparency. The customer was using Meraki for internal alerts and after-hours support was outsourced. With the customers growing expectations, from information and alerting standpoint, the company wanted to keep the customer informed with the most relevant information in real-time. The resulting increase in transparency would lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The Plan:

AlertOps ConnectWise Manage plan offers extra onboarding services, live call routing , and a superior customer support on top of the premium tier, allowing organizations to detect track, report, and resolve incidents faster than ever before. The multi-channel notification capability of AlertOps helps teams handle after-hour tickets and escalations with ease, resulting in more efficient incident management and resolution for the organization.
The role of AlertOps:
AlertOps complemented the services provided by the existing tools such as Cisco Meraki, ConnectWise Manage, and Solarwinds and further optimized the system according to their needs. AlertOps helped resolve this by creating tickets with information about the customer. A prioritization system was developed, keeping customer rating as the parameter. The system was optimized further through automation.


The primary aim was to improve transparency by creating customized tickets. The system was improved on two fronts. Internally, the on-call lifestyle was improved and from a customer front, the transparency was enhanced. This resulted in improved customer and employee satisfaction.

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