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Quickly mobilize your major incident response team and e-commerce executives.

Immediate response is crucial during the first few seconds that a major incident is declared. Standard procedure calls for a team of tech responders, often with different skill sets, to combine their knowledge in order to solve a major incident.

A modern approach helps drastically reduce the time it takes to respond when a major incident is declared.

Now, you can mobilize teams with complex schedules, methods of communication and skill-sets easily, and in just a few clicks. A ‘blast’ is sent to key teams and escalations happen automatically, when the primary person fails to respond within the required time.

  • Transform how you respond during P1 Incidents and reduce MTTR by up to 30 minutes.
  • Send Sev1 'Blast' notifications to multiple tech responders simultaneously.
  • Easily ensure that escalations are automated to backups when the primary person fails to respond within a required time frame.

Provide situational awareness to SRE teams, website managers and stakeholders.

During a major incident, Site Reliability Engineers need to be made aware and kept informed of the situation. With the number of IT failures and cyber-attacks on sites, any delay could result in significant revenue loss. This can easily be prevented by transitioning to automatically triggered procedures and policy during a major outage.

Proactively update executives, support teams, and other departments with individualized alerts so they can prepare a response that best fits their unique situation using multiple communication channels such as: Email, SMS, Voice and Push notifications.

Accelerate message delivery to stakeholders and senior management who need to be aware of the situation immediately as it occurs while receiving relevant updates throughout the course of the event.

Empower your DevOps team with Playbook Automation

Notify key teams before critical code goes live in production.

When incidents occur, your teams should respond around a standard policy. That means giving engineers time to resolve issues, while simultaneously notifying Management, PR, Partners, and others at different times within SLA. This full court press approach truly helps accelerate incident resolution.

Notify teams based on advanced rules, restart servers, block IP addresses, create and update status pages, automate escalations, trigger repair operations, and trigger specific actions when a test passes or fails. Whatever your use-cases, they can be partially or fully automated to fix problems, improve up time, and ship code faster.

When a major incident occurs, getting everyone on a bridge to identify the issue, and develop recovery plans is the priority. It’s effective [and] we use it on a daily basis.
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