For service providers that need to prioritize and resolve incidents for clients

Keep clients informed by providing incident information to your support, account and delivery teams – while also mobilizing teams in the command center to restore service.

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According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute

Reduce delays during initial response operations.

Give individual contributors insight into the current incident, and the unique roles they play.

Improve MTTA / MTTR by sending unique and relevant messages (Voice, Email, SMS, Push) to key on-call teams, stakeholders, and clients at critical times during the SLA timeline. AlertOps is proven to reduce response and resolution time.

When complex incidents occur, multiple teams may need to be involved. With AlertOps™, you can invite new teams based on department, team, or skillset, to join the incident – through the Desktop or Mobile app.

With an enterprise approach, you'll be able to send Engineers technical messages while sending C-levels, Partners, Customers separate human-readable notifications to keep them in the loop during the course of the incident – leaving your engineers space to focus on resolution.

Resolve Major Incidents at Light-speed. with Improved Granularity and Flexibility.

Improve Collaboration Between Your Platforms, People, and Processes Like Never Before.

Reduce Mean time to Repair (MTTR) with SmartAlerts™ and an advanced workflow engine that uses an Open API – giving you granular options and enhanced capabilities.

For example, when an incident occurs, automatically open a ticket in ServiceNow, update Slack and create a Slack Channel, Update your Status Page, and notify your on-call team based on the type of incident – simultaneously.

You can also manually page your team, department, or the entire organization with preset templates for critical scenarios –AlertOps does all the heavy lifting (who, what, when, how) for you.

Protect Your Brand and Improve Customer Experiences

Automate Your Major Incident Response

When major incidents happen, you need certain procedures and policies followed - based on industry best practices.

Custom playbooks with AlertOps enables your organization to automate incident escalation and and process workflows based on your pre-defined policy and communication plan – what tools and people should take action, and when. And after it's all over,  you’ll have the reports and KPI’s to improve and make adjustments for next time - allowing for greater visibility and accountability.

Provide situational awareness to senior management, customer support and other stakeholders who need to maintain awareness of the situation, both immediately as it occurs, and throughout the course of the event. With AlertOps, you can easily and automatically send notifications to clients and stakeholders when a major incident occurs, update them at regular intervals and notify them when the incident is resolved.

When a major incident occurs, getting everyone on a bridge to identify the issue, and develop recovery plans is the priority. It’s effective [and] we use it on a daily basis.
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