The Story of AlertOps

Bridging The Gap

In 2015 AlertOps’ leadership team discovered a significant gap in the incident management marketplace. Nobody was catering to large, multi-team international organizations that needed a major incident management solution to protect critical business services and notify stakeholders, customers and business partners. So, we decided to build it.

Validated Product, Veteran Team.

We started by working with a Fortune 1000 company to validate the product and identify as many use-cases and needs as possible. AlertOps was built from the ground up, by Cyber Korp (our parent company) with a solid 15-year history of providing IT services for the world’s largest organizations. Cyber Korp quickly assembled an agile development team, using lean methodologies, with over 40 years of combined enterprise development experience.

SaaS Built For Enterprise

Originally built as an on-prem solution, AlertOps is now available as a cloud SaaS tool that is multi-tenant ready. With the rise of automation and DevOps, AlertOps found further success helping large organizations automate tedious processes using our Open API and agent-less approach. While other players in the market continue to raise prices, refactor API’s, and build solutions for small teams, AlertOps continues to grow exponentially providing un-paralleled value to DevOps and NOC teams the world over.

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Suite 330
Bloomingdale IL  60108
P: (844) 292-8255