Service desk helps in planning and

Your whole IT infrastructure—physical, virtual, and

RMM or Remote Monitoring and Management

An innovative method of threat detection

What is an SLA (service level

An information technology (IT) service provider

SIEM (Security Information Event Management) allows

Mobile Device Management is a set

What are Managed Voice Services? Managed

Continuous testing (CT) is an approach

What is Test Automation?   Test automation

What is Continuous Deployment ? In

What is a cyber-attack?   Cyber-attacks are

What is capacity testing?   Capacity testing

What is Continuous Integration?  Continuous integration

What is release engineering?  Release engineering

What is Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery? 

What is Agile?  Agile is an

What is Alert Noise?  One of

What is an Application Programming Interface. 

what is devops?

What is Branching ? Branching is

Alert fatigue occurs when persons entrusted with reacting to warnings get desensitized to them, resulting in notifications being overlooked or disregarded, or answers being delayed. 

A Runbook can be defined as a set of guidelines for tackling incidents and maintaining the smooth running of the ecosystem.

Chaos testing involves deliberately crashing the system by simulating failures in a controlled environment.

Data Aggregation is the process of gathering data and then presenting it in an organized manner for business or statistical analysis. 

Network sniffers is a tool that is used to monitor the real-time data flow across a network. A network sniffer could check for abnormal usage by individual nodes.

A ping cmd test is used to discover the length of response time, the latency of a network.

PagerDuty is a digital operation platform that provides reliable notifications, on-call, scheduling automatic escalations, and other functionality to help teams detect and fix problems quickly.