AlertOps for Retail

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is
$ 0 per minute

Stay in control with real-time operational intelligence

Omnichannel commerce is stretching retailers like never before, pushing innovation and uncertainty to the limits. Website instability, supply chain disruption, POS and hardware malfunctions – complexity is an understatement. Leverage AlertOps to cut through the noise and chart the fastest path to resolution.


Alert Intelligence

Extract what matters by grouping and filtering events and contextually route alerts using custom source information.

Flexible Escalations

Unify escalation policies across teams and customize notifications based on alert information and timing.

Automated Resolution

Connect with your ChatOps and ITSM tools to create or close tickets and trigger remediation workflows.

Stay in control with real-time operational intelligence
major incident management

Don’t let major incidents knock you down. Fight back with response automation.

Service outages, malware attacks, data breaches, can strike like a tsunami and crush weak defenses. “Preparedness” can rapidly devolve into chaos. The only solution is adaptive response automation. With AlertOps, combine rich situational intelligence with response playbooks to confidently set expectations and shepherd efficient resolution.

Response Orchestration

Automatically coordinate incident resolvers across the organization and mobilize a war room via web conference, chat or API

Stake holders

Manage expectations and provide clarity throughout the incident lifecycle with targeted and customized messaging templates.

Continuous Improvement

Internalize learnings and build resilience with postmortem analyses and timeline views of every major incident.

Be ready when disaster strikes. Ensure continuity in the face of uncertainty.

Weather, cyber hacks, on-site violence or looting – these threats defy prediction but demand resilience. Equip and empower your frontline teams with essential information to keep your people, customers and assets secure. Use AlertOps as your nerve-center to navigate any storm that comes your way.

Situational Awareness

Integrate AlertOps with emergency alerting systems to escalate incidents to business continuity managers and executives.

Intelligence Response

Automatically mobilize your response team on a conference bridge and notify key stakeholders with relevant information.

Mass Notifications

Inform and mobilize frontline teams on response, mitigation and recovery through a single source of truth.


Be ready when disaster strikes. Ensure continuity in the face of uncertainty.