Frequently Asked Questions


Ensure a reduction in alert fatigue and MTTR. Your enterprise is our priority and having the ability to track where an incident is in progression and automatically escalating these incidents to the people who need it most.
AlertOps is an incident management platform that helps IT organization and DevOps teams manage and optimize their alerts from various monitoring systems to greatly reduce alert fatigue and mean time to resolution (MTTR). AlertOps ensures that the alerts reach the right person the first time, every time.


This is where AlertOps’ automatic escalation policies in your SLA’s come in hand. An alert will be escalated to the next user on call until an alert is acknowledged by a recipient. Manual paging allows you to alert multiple teams at once to a conference bridge so you can reach the right people. We also have options for on-call scheduling and live call routing.
International SMS and calls are available for both premium and enterprise packages. Our enterprise clients receive unlimited* international SMS and calls while our premium package offers up to 25 SMS and calls per user per month.
AlertOps offers unlimited* email and push notifications to all our users. Additionally, premium and enterprise users will receive unlimited* domestic (US/Canada) SMS and calls. We offer our standard customers a limited amount of SMS and calls as well.


Our premium and enterprise customers have access to unlimited* inbound integrations. Our standard customers are limited to 5 inbound integrations. Enterprise level customers additionally have the opportunity for enterprise integrations.
As long as an integration contains a weblink, email API, or REST API, integrating with AlertOps is easy. AlertOps can open a new incident with an email from a monitoring tool and escalate the alert notification according to your rules. We offer inbound integrations for all our customers and enterprise integrations to our enterprise customers.
AlertOps currently offers over 100 integrations. Common tools include Nagios, Pingdom, and Splunk. Additionally, any product that can send a webhook or an email can be easily integrated. Talk to a support team member to find out how you can customize AlertOps for your needs.

Plans & Payments

The startup pricing is based on the number of users and the specific alert volume. The best way to get more information is by contacting our support team today!

The buyout depends on the number of user, months in the contract and the pricing/package that you currently have. Contact our support team to discuss in further detail.

The number of users varies according to the size and demands of your organization. To discuss this further, please contact our support team.

We offer both monthly and annual memberships to all our packages. You can pay by most credit cards or via an invoice if you so choose. Check out our pricing page for more details!

Simply contact AlertOps support at or use the chat tool to contact us about switching today!

If you’re interested in extending a trial or adding more users to a trial, email or message AlertOps support at

Our 14 day trials start instantly once you select an available plan on our website. There is no credit card needed to sign up. You will have the option to switch to a different level once you sign up if you contact support.

Need help?

If you cannot find an answer you were looking for, feel free to write to us

Reasonable use clause:

AlertOps’ unlimited phone and SMS notification plans are for commercial use. Usage is limited to your organization’s employees, contractors and direct customers. AlertOps is meant to be used as an IT incident alerting and IT on-call management system only. AlertOps reserves the right to review your account and take further action if account usage is beyond normal standards, outside of permitted usage or adversely affects our operations. If we determine that you are engaging in abnormal or impermissible usage, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to inform you and provide you with the opportunity to correct the improper usage. If you fail to correct usage activity to conform to normal use, we may exercise our right to transfer your service to a more appropriate plan, charge applicable rates or suspend or terminate your service with or without notice. If we believe that our service has been used for an unlawful purpose, we may immediately terminate your service with or without notice and/or forward the relevant communication and other information to the appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution. We reserve all of our legal rights. AlertOps reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. Changes shall become effective when a revised policy is posted to AlertOps’ websites.