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Help Your Team Manage Major IT Incidents

(before they get out of hand)

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Get automatic escalations to your on-call team members plus add escalations to managers. You can even have teams backing up teams. Use workflows to automatically open and close tickets in your help desk systems.

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Create rotating on-call schedules and add as many overrides as you need. Easily see who is on-call and which schedule is in effect.

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We have over 50 pre-built integrations for the most popular monitoring, chat and help desk systems and we are always adding more. Plus, you can use our Open API to build integrations for any custom system you may have.

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Currently being used by thousands of users, and trusted by major corporations to manage their IT alerts and on-call scheduling.

Take ownership, reassign, reply and close the alert with our IOS and Android apps.

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Built-in support for Slack and Hip- chat.Take ownership, reply to and close the alert from your chat tool.

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Take ownership by phone, assign, close by SMS or email.

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Don’t think you need better incident management? Then ask yourself this question: Is your business impacted by 15 minute outages? According to Information Week, data center outages cost an average of $505,500 per incident, or an average of $5,600 per minute. This impact can be even greater if the impact is on a company’s core e-Commerce infrastructure. In such a situation, every minute is critical.

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