Mobile response

Whether you are at work or out for lunch, incidents might still occur. Ensure visibility and quick resolution with the AlertOps mobile response. Always reach out to the right person, maintain your SLAs, and keep track of incident timelines wherever you are.

Never miss a priority alert

Be on top of your system’s health even when you are miles away from your desk. AlertOps mobile application gives you real-time visibility at the press of a button. With our mobile application you are not just alerted but also empowered with the necessary information you need to take the next step in the right way. Minimize MTTA (Mean Time to Acknowledge) and meet SLAs consistently!!!

Resolve incidents on the go

Speed is everything when it comes to incident management for MSPs. Incidents need to be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.


Reaching for the computer can cost critical time in some cases. These delays could even result in breached SLAs, which must be avoided at all costs. Leverage the AlertOps mobile application and assign or escalate alerts, or even trigger workflows using mobile response


Ensure swift resolution of incidents no matter where you are with the AlertOps mobile application. The power is in your hand.


In order to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently, the incident response team must have all the critical information they need as fast as possible. Notify your team in real time and add updates to existing threads to keep everyone informed effortlessly.


Choose from a wide set of choices such as SMS, voice, and push notifications to alert the ones who need to be alerted. Keep track of all the alert details, messages, and actions, even when you are far away from the desk.

Schedules and groups

Incidents happen at unexpected and sometimes inconvenient hours. Having real-time access to schedule and group information is key to finding out who is on-call and notifying them with the necessary information.


Further, dynamic grouping in AlertOps lets you create different response teams for different scenarios and notify them as fast as possible. With our new mobile application, you can now set out-of-office schedules from your phone. Notify everyone about your schedule with the person covering it in real-time.

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Generic On-Call Alerting

Review which calls were answered or missed as well as notify and escalate on any incoming or missed calls!


Different escalation paths as well as send stakeholder notifications and updates as SLAs are approaching or being breached.

Open inbound and Outbound API

AlertOps can capture virtually any data sent to the system via E-mail or REST API. In addition to capturing the data.

Major Incident / Manual Alerting

Users can Kick off, process, and respond to incidents from any tool whether it’s a mobile app, web application, chat tool

Tickets left unattended after a certain period of time during the business day kickoff custom notification rules to escalate directly to management

Update virtually any field in the ticket using custom actions to ConnectWise Manage. Ie. Update Priorities, Assignment, change Boards, etc

Collaboration Channel Notifications

Microsoft Teams and Slack to directly post to specific channels. We see that customers are often in shared channels with MSPs, provide alerting directly to shared client channels.
Point your monitoring tools directly at AlertOps, to reduce noise, filter which alarms warrant creating tickets, and make your service desk more actionable.
Notify on-call or scheduled technicians upon updates to customer generated tickets. Immediately initiate notification and escalation process for Customer Updated tickets to provide more immediate response!

Live-Call Routing (IVR)

AlertOps live-call routing enabled customers to call in and route to the appropriate technicians based on the desired sequence, schedule based on time of day, or directly to voicemail

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MSP Customer Reviews

We've had AlertOps for a couple of years now and are extremely happy with the results. Our techs rely on the convenience of launching the mobile app to check in on this assigned alerts. As the manager, I have found it easy to schedule our resources during on call hours and holidays. Support issues when needed, have always been handled in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work!

Rod Vasquez Intelice Solutions

We've been using AlertOps for over a year and our team loves it. It's reliable, easy to use compared to other applications, and even the support team is fantastic at responding and getting to a solution. I'm very impressed and highly recommend!

Shams W.Pawel WhyReboot

We really like the flexibility that AlertOps provides. Adding or removing someone from our on call rotation is significantly easier then what we were using before (OnPage). Also their support is great, Kam specifically helped me build out our entire call tree.

Eli Haas Vision Computer Solutions

We switched to AlertOps from a different platform for a number of reasons, such as flexibility in schedule changes when someone is off, adding Stat holidays to the existing schedules, combination of multiple schedules and teams and others. I appreciate fine tuning that can be set up with ConnectWise. I am pretty sure I have lots yet to discover though.. So far, whenever I ask - is it possible, the answers were - yep :-).

Lena Glazunova Manawa

We switched to AlertOps from another competitor. We saved money, the integration works better, and we have received more support. It's important that you can rely on your on-call system and Alert Ops works great.

Sean Harris A Leap Ahead IT

AlertOps is very convenient and it is great that it auto creates a ticket. It makes the on call process for our organization so much easier.

Dawson Roeber Community Care partners

Alert ops has made our after hours process a 1000x better. Consistent alerts that never fail and completely allow you to customize what it looks like for you!

William McKee GFI Digital

AlertOps is great! Super flexible to work with, robust platform, and tightly tuned into their customer's feedback. Very nice to work with.

Tyler Reynolds MB Technology Solutions

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