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AlertOps Incident Management: Everything an MSP needs.


Digital transformation is happening across geographies and organizations at break-neck speed putting MSPs in the spotlight more than ever before. With every organization in the world trying to digitize their operations to the maximum feasible extent, the environment for MSPs is becoming more demanding with each day.


A 25-45% reduction in IT-related costs makes relying on MSPs a default choice, especially for SMBs. However, incidents are getting far more expensive with an average cost of $6000. AlertOps offers efficient SLA management for all your clients.


Live Call Routing 24/7


AlertOps helps you deliver a seamless user experience to your clients by making sure that no call goes unanswered. Every call is directed to the right on-call team, every single time. This enhances productivity and significantly reduces cost. The clients can select the team or member through a call menu so that no call gets missed or routed to the wrong person.


Flexible On-call Schedules


Ensure lightning speed incident resolution by making sure that no detail is missed. AlertOps lets you create the perfect on-call schedule by offering flexible options that allow organizations to choose the one that suits them the best. Use the override system to assign alerts to the covering team member. Export and access schedules on the go with AlertOps.


Advanced Escalation Policies


The lack of a good incident management system results in business-critical incidents going unnoticed and impacting the bottom line. Stakeholders need to be alerted depending on how critical they are to prevent confusion and misinformation. Custom escalations in AlertOps allow you to customize escalation policies according to your organizational requirements. Create role-based customer alerts. Set notification rules the way you want. 5 times in 30 minutes or 30 times in 5 minutes; it is totally your call!


Simple SLA Management for all your clients.


MSPs teams sometimes work with multiple SLAs simultaneously resulting in a risk of missed SLAs. Setup multiple SLA policies and configure them with specific targets so that no SLA slips through. Set SLAs globally by priority level, or at the message rule level.

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Easily connect with monitoring, ITSM and ChatOps tools to identify, prioritize and resolve incidents. And use our no-code, Open API to seamlessly enrich your alerts and automate workflows.

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