AlertOps Incident Management:

Everything an MSP needs.

  • Live-call routing 24/7
  • On-call schedule management
  • Advanced escalation policies
  • Simple SLA management for all your clients
  • Easy setup with seamless 1-one integration

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Digital transformation is happening across geographies and organizations at break-neck speed putting MSPs in the spotlight more than ever before. With every organization in the world trying to digitize their operations to the maximum feasible extent, the environment for MSPs is becoming more demanding with each day.


A 25-45% reduction in IT-related costs makes relying on MSPs a default choice, especially for SMBs. However, incidents are getting far more expensive with an average cost of $6000. AlertOps offers efficient SLA management for all your clients.

AlertOps helps you deliver a seamless user experience to your clients by making sure that no call goes unanswered. Every call is directed to the right on-call team, every single time. This enhances productivity and significantly reduces cost. The clients can select the team or member through a call menu so that no call gets missed or routed to the wrong person.
Ensure lightning speed incident resolution by making sure that no detail is missed. AlertOps lets you create the perfect on-call schedule by offering flexible options that allow organizations to choose the one that suits them the best. Use the override system to assign alerts to the covering team member. Export and access schedules on the go with AlertOps.
The lack of a good incident management system results in business-critical incidents going unnoticed and impacting the bottom line. Stakeholders need to be alerted depending on how critical they are to prevent confusion and misinformation. Custom escalations in AlertOps allow you to customize escalation policies according to your organizational requirements. Create role-based customer alerts. Set notification rules the way you want. 5 times in 30 minutes or 30 times in 5 minutes; it is totally your call!

AlertOps + ConnectWise Use-Cases

MSPs heavily leverage AlertOps to facilitate multi-channel notifications (E-mail, SMS, Push
Notifications) to their On-Call Technicians as tickets come in after hours. These Alerts can also be escalated to Service Desk Managers automatically in the case there isn’t response from the technician within a certain timeframe.

SLAs based on specific client contracts or generic SLAs can be mapped to Escalations or
Playbooks in AlertOps. Based on the Type, Subtype, or Company that submitted the Ticket, AlertOps can kickoff different response processes. For more critical SLAs, AlertOps can kick
off different escalation paths as well as send stakeholder notifications and updates as
SLAs are approaching or being breached.

Visibility into the Audit Trail and updates made to the ticket are available in ConnectWise Manage, however, there isn’t a mechanism to track notification and response. Improve MTTR by pushing alerting and response information into the notes of a ticket. Widespread visibility into response actions, to help optimize service desk operations. Make notes internal or discussion based on whether you’d like customers to have visibility into response as well!

AlertOps open API enables granular control over incident response from virtually any source of Operation. Users can Kick off, process, and respond to incidents from any tool whether it’s a mobile app, web application, chat tool such as Slack or MS Teams, or any popular ITSM / PSA tool

Respond and manage tickets and incidents using the AlertOps mobile App. Receive push notifications as a form of alerting and facilitate mobile response. Update virtually any field in the ticket using custom actions to ConnectWise Manage. Ie. Update Priorities, Assignment, change Boards, etc

While Service Desk Technicians usually have a good grasp of tickets and requests made during business hours, some team oriented visibility may be useful. For any tickets left unattended after a certain period of time during the business day kickoff custom notification rules to escalate directly to management, or provide reminder notifications. Segment your processes for On-Call versus Business Hours according to your ideal internal processes.

Simplify the Process of On-Call, by leveraging AlertOps Scheduling Engine. Set fixed and rotating schedules with different escalation sequences. Once you’ve entered the order of the users to rotate through, AlertOps will automatically rotate through the appropriate people on-call on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Provide visibility into your On-Call by syncing any scheduling changes made in AlertOps to your Calendar tool like Outlook or Google Calendar using a WebCal Feed!

AlertOps Live-Call Routing is a lightweight built-in IVR system that leverages the full range of alerting and automation capabilities of the tool, without the price point of a full blown IVR or outsourced answering service. AlertOps live-call routing enabled customers to call in and route to the appropriate technicians based on the desired sequence, schedule based on time of day, or directly to voicemail. Route to different teams based on an incoming selection provided to the caller. Auto-generate tickets in ConnectWise Manage with a link to any voicemail left. Review which calls were answered or missed as well as notify and escalate on any incoming or missed calls!

Oftentimes the level of infrastructure monitored across client environments can be dense and cumbersome. Some of the alarms generated by monitoring tools are repeated and cause clutter in the form of redundant and excess tickets in the service desk. Point your monitoring tools directly at AlertOps, to reduce noise, filter which alarms warrant creating tickets, and make your service desk more actionable.

Leverage AlertOps integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack to directly post to specific channels. We see that customers are often in shared channels with MSPs, provide alerting directly to shared client channels. Additionally, leverage the bi-directional functionality to respond to tickets and alerts from Microsoft Teams or Slack!

Notify on-call or scheduled technicians upon updates to customer generated tickets.
Immediately initiate notification and escalation process for Customer Updated tickets to provide more immediate response!

MSP Customer Reviews

We've had AlertOps for a couple of years now and are extremely happy with the results. Our techs rely on the convenience of launching the mobile app to check in on this assigned alerts. As the manager, I have found it easy to schedule our resources during on call hours and holidays. Support issues when needed, have always been handled in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work!

Rod Vasquez Intelice Solutions

We've been using AlertOps for over a year and our team loves it. It's reliable, easy to use compared to other applications, and even the support team is fantastic at responding and getting to a solution. I'm very impressed and highly recommend!

Shams W.Pawel WhyReboot

We really like the flexibility that AlertOps provides. Adding or removing someone from our on call rotation is significantly easier then what we were using before (OnPage). Also their support is great, Kam specifically helped me build out our entire call tree.

Eli Haas Vision Computer Solutions

We switched to AlertOps from a different platform for a number of reasons, such as flexibility in schedule changes when someone is off, adding Stat holidays to the existing schedules, combination of multiple schedules and teams and others. I appreciate fine tuning that can be set up with ConnectWise. I am pretty sure I have lots yet to discover though.. So far, whenever I ask - is it possible, the answers were - yep :-).

Lena Glazunova Manawa

We switched to AlertOps from another competitor. We saved money, the integration works better, and we have received more support. It's important that you can rely on your on-call system and Alert Ops works great.

Sean Harris A Leap Ahead IT

AlertOps is very convenient and it is great that it auto creates a ticket. It makes the on call process for our organization so much easier.

Dawson Roeber Community Care partners

Alert ops has made our after hours process a 1000x better. Consistent alerts that never fail and completely allow you to customize what it looks like for you!

William McKee GFI Digital

AlertOps is great! Super flexible to work with, robust platform, and tightly tuned into their customer's feedback. Very nice to work with.

Tyler Reynolds MB Technology Solutions

    Other Considerations

    AlertOps can capture virtually any data sent to the system via E-mail or REST API. In addition to capturing the data, it can be leveraged in custom fields for notification as well as logic to trigger
    automations. With ConnectWise Manage’s comprehensive API most automations that clients
    would like to see can be facilitated via AlertOps Outbound Integrations and Workflows.

    We actively engage with our customers by listening to their feedback, pain points, and ideal dream solutions – which we use to drive our product roadmap. We value our customers’ feedback and love giving our customers a seat at our product roadmap table.

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