Optimize incident response system across the enterprise

Dissolve organizational barriers. Unify incident response system, globally.

Time and space can fragment global teams, but coordination brings us back together. Provide customers with the incident response system they’ve come to expect.

Globalized Escalations

Design escalation policies based on your teams’ local time zones and schedules. Eliminate incident response delays.

Scalable Configuration

Automatically assign users to geo-specific teams and simplify scheduling with set and forget rotations.

Complete Visibility

Access a single-pane calendar view that ensures transparency and alignment across your organization eventually helping in proper incident management.

Complexity can't always be avoided, but it can be simplified and mastered.

Organizational structures adapt to solve specific needs. As products get more complex, so do your teams.  The risk of “dropping the ball” can only be mitigated with clear accountability and enhanced coordination.

Intelligent Routing

Route alerts to the right resolver based on rich contextual data (source, issue type, timing, customer, you name it).

Cross-Team Escalations

Create custom rules and thresholds for escalating incidents between service teams and support levels.

Response Orchestration

Automatically coordinate resolvers across the organization and mobilize a war room via web conference, chat or API.

Every business is unique. Get the flexibility to respond your way, no compromises.

From Managed Service Providers, to Ecommerce, to NOC teams – AlertOps’ highly modular and configurable incident management platform supports the most diverse use cases. Flexibility is power.

Enriched Alerts

Append custom data from any system in any format messages, attachments, URLs, HTML and more).

Custom Actions

Start remediation, in AlertOps, with a single click.  Generate tickets, restart services and even increase server capacity. 

Use our no-code open API to create and close tickets and trigger remediation workflows in your incident management tools.