Managed voice services

managed voice services

What are Managed Voice Services?

Managed Voice Services (MVS) join the incumbent management procedures with cloud telephoning and the internet often achieved through outsourcing. Every component of your phone system will be maintained and observed by the service provider to guarantee that you receive the greatest performance and that all SLA requirements are being met. They also make it simple to add new workers and clients to your phone system, which simplifies expansion.

Managed Voice Services include the following services:


A private branch exchange, or PBX, links several lines so that calls can be placed between each line. By doing this, consumers can make calls between numbers without dialing them all.


When no one answers the phone, customers can leave messages via voicemail.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol):

This technology substitutes the internet for traditional phone wires in the transmission of voice signals.

Virtual Private Network:

This technology enables safe connections between branch offices and the main office.

SIP Trunking:

Enables companies to make international calls using their current phone lines.

Businesses can interact via online apps with the help of cloud VoIP, which provides cloud computing solutions.

What are the benefits of Managed Voice services?

Managed Voice Services (MVS) can add a lot of value depending on the business model. Some of the most important benefits are:

Higher productivity:

With a managed voice service, your IT personnel can be freed up to work on mission-critical tasks while the service provider continuously monitors your VoIP telephony.

The entire hosted PBX solution makes it simple to optimise voice and data simultaneously for the best network performance.

Your staff and IT team won’t have to divert from their primary duties to address network inefficiencies or downtime as a result. As a result of increased network uptime and decreased end-user assistance, you’ll increase productivity and cut costs.

In Atlanta, working with a reputable IT support company is a good way to take advantage of managed voice services.

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Cost reduction:

Your operational and maintenance costs for network hardware and software components are decreased by implementing managed VoIP services.

Additionally, by using a flat-rate managed VoIP service, you can further reduce your operational expenditures. Your capital expenses will be reduced because these cloud-based services eliminate the requirement for PBX systems installed on-site.

Additionally, managed VoIP services provide dependable infrastructure, which reduces overall maintenance costs.

Enhanced service quality:

When you use a Managed Voice Service, your IT support company also takes care of the infrastructure of your complete network, which suggests that they oversee network upkeep and optimization. As a result, you are ensured of a high-performance, fast, and reliable network.

Additionally, you’ll gain from proactive maintenance and enhancements for the modern network configuration, as well as improved call routing and integrated Quality of Service (QoS).

You would also get access to network monitoring tools that let you control hardware, circuits, and virtual local area networks (LANs) in order to handle network failures before they happen.

Due to the prioritization of traffic with application-aware network architecture, your VoIP telephony will be free of problems with quality and interruptions.