UMM (Unified Monitoring and Management) 


Your whole IT infrastructure—physical, virtual, and cloud—is monitored by a unified platform called unified monitoring (UMM)

What is UMM – Unified Monitoring and Management? 

It is a tried-and-true method for lowering service interruptions, boosting end-user and IT productivity, maximizing capital expenditures, and upholding regulatory compliance. Long acknowledged by the corporate world, effective operation of the whole IT environment is essential for productivity and profitability, especially as IT infrastructures get more intricate. 

Why do we need Unified Monitoring and Management? 

IT and system operations must be completely visible to administrators, and they want an automated solution that enables them to concentrate on their most important tasks. 

• For reporting to executives, IT managers require configurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and performance indicators. 

• For capacity planners to make budgetary choices, precise data is required. 

• As businesses change, executives need precise information to make wise business decisions. 

What are the business values of a UMM – Unified Monitoring and Management? 

Unified monitoring affects key business goals and increases company value. Your IT team is free to complete profit-boosting tasks while they are not manually monitoring the infrastructure. Furthermore, your business can make the most of current IT investments and anticipate future costs with precise capacity planning indicators. 

What are the benefits of UMM – Unified Monitoring and Management? 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Increased dependability 
  • Visibility into all parts of IT 
  • Capacity to create meaningful slas, and  
  • Compliance monitoring 

The core of the unified monitoring and management software is automation, which helps you save time. The program helps you and your team save time by finding issues, resolving them, connecting to remote endpoints, and recovering important data. Additionally, you will have the assistance of a knowledgeable NOC (Network Operations Center) if necessary to relieve your internal staff of the stress of day-to-day labor so you can expand your company, raise margins, and grow revenue. Utilize ConnectWise’s unified monitoring and management tools right away to serve your customers better. 

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