Overview of the PagerDuty platform and the best alternative to PagerDuty 

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Overview of the PagerDuty platform and the best alternative to PagerDuty 

What is PagerDuty? 

PagerDuty is a digital operation platform that provides reliable notifications, on-call, scheduling automatic escalations, and other functionality to help teams detect and fix problems quickly. 

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Why is AlertOps a better alternative to PagerDuty? 

Now you can go Beyond On-Call Management with Superior Functionality, Smarter, Better & More Powerful incident Response Automation Platform than PagerDuty for small, medium, and large enterprises. 

How is AlertOps saving money for their users? Our plans start at $0/month. You can Save up to 41% with AlertOps and avoid costly add-on modules. For example, a team of 100 would cost your business $46,800/year for PagerDuty Business vs. $27,600/year for AlertOps Enterprise. 

What are the missing Features in PagerDuty? 

  • Integration with service now is not as configurable as we would like. It is limited to one service to one group in service now and not a many to many relationships 
  • Email integration lacks screenshot support 
  • App version does not have all features which the Web version has. 
  • As an admin, you would like to be able to force users to use specific types of notifications that are not possible in PagerDuty 
  • Complex Pricing and Add On’s 

What are the features of AlertOps? 

Always Engage the Right Team  

AlertOps gives you the freedom to utilize the collaboration tools you want. Bi-directional integrations are fully enabled, allowing your business to reply quickly without switching platforms. 

Deeper Insights and Full-Stack Visibility 

IT teams and business stakeholders may get the unified perspective and comprehensive insight they need to align both technical and business incident response promptly. 

With Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability, it’s fully cloud-enabled. 

In contrast to PagerDuty, you may also transfer your data via SSL using our 100+ integrations and extensions. Using accredited data centers, availability zones, and cloud suppliers makes it simple to protect your data. Data From Anywhere Ready 

Anything that can run a script, whether it’s an email, JSON, XML, support call, helpdesk ticket, voicemail, or anything else, Unlike PagerDuty, AlertOps can extract data sent in real-time and turn it into an actionable event. With the AlertOps API, you can quickly build custom code, embed it in the platform, and enhance functionality as needed. 

Filter, Group and Prioritize Alerts Better 

Use the sophisticated intelligence of the platform to fine-tune warnings and incident response. All actionable events should be immediately communicated to the appropriate individuals and teams. With a more streamlined workflow and cross-functional handoff, group similar warnings into a single event, greatly decreasing noise. 

Ready to  Get Unmatched Customer Support, 
More Features, and Save Up to 41%?