AlertOps and AppDynamics Integration Takes Your Application Performance Management to the Next Level

AlertOps AppDynamics Integration

AppDynamics is a performance management platform that enables you to track and analyze the performance of your browser and mobile apps from backend to frontend.

With AppDynamics you get visual representations of the user-facing aspects of your applications. But you also get monitoring capabilities that help you evaluate how your infrastructure affects application performance.

All this gives you the real-time insights into operational, customer experience, and business outcomes so you can improve user experience with proactive end-to-end performance analytics.

The AppDynamics platform is powerful. But it’s meant for optimizing application performance, not managing incidents.

Integrating AlertOps and AppDynamics couples application performance optimization with efficient incident communication and management.

Here’s how AlertOps and AppDynamics keep your app running fast and maximize uptime:

  • AlertOps automatically opens a new incident whenever AppDynamics reports a trigger status. AlertOps handles the administrative tasks while you take care of business.
  • AlertOps alerts your teams via text, voice, email, or mobile push notifications, so alerts always reach a team member who can resolve the issue.
  • AlertOps automates incident escalation by sending alerts to other systems. This means that incidents are always escalated according to escalation policies.

AlertOps and AppDynamics are easily integrated using our Generic REST API.

An AlertOps and AppDynamics integration also comes with configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, automated severity management, and more—everything you need to make incident management easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and AppDynamics integration and find out what more AlertOps and AppDynamics can do for you.

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