AlertOps Gets Apteligent Insights to the People Who Need to Know

Apteligent Blog

Apteligent helps mobile app developers track, analyze, and visualize crash and performance data for their apps. Apteligent provides an app health dashboard for mobile apps. Apteligent can also combine multiple app health dashboards into a single, multi-app dashboard that helps you compare app performance and crash data and share critical information across development and support teams.

In order to properly utilize the wealth of information that Apteligent provides, you need a way to push notifications about these insights out to your teams. Otherwise, Apteligent could end up becoming a whiteboard tool for weekly meetings.

With AlertOps, you can automate the delivery and routing of app health notifications. This integration enables you to identify critical performance and crashes and initiate the proper response to app health insights.

Here’s how alertOps expands Apteligent’s capabilities:

  • Analyze real-world app performance metrics, and immediately alert your team of critical performance issues. This helps you evaluate the rollout of new releases and features, and minimize app abandonment if there are any hiccups.
  • Correlate app performance metrics with marketing response, generate reports and statistical analysis for better data driven decision making, and alert key decision makers based on what analytic insights reveal.
  • Discover the impact that network performance, third-party services, and SDKs have on end-user experience, and quickly reallocate resources to the most pressing tasks.

With Apteligent and AlertOps, your company always has the most up-to-date app performance data, and the right people always have the information they need, when they need it.

AlertOps integrates with Apteligent through the Generic REST API, so app performance data and insights can be passed directly from your analytics tools to your communications and management system, without the need for external tools or plugins.

Find out more about how AlertOps can improve your mobile application analytics in the AlertOps help center.