Prebuilt AlertOps and Errorception Integration Keeps Your JavaScript Working Right

AlertOps Errorception Integration

Errorception enables you to detect and correct JavaScript errors as they occur in your users’ browsers. If JavaScript errors happen to sneak through your quality control, Errorception will pick them up.

This requires no modification of your existing code or runtime. All you need to do is add a script tag to start tracking errors. Errorception groups errors together for recording and reporting so there’s no bulky error log to sift through.

Errorception can also send and receive notifications using webhooks, so you can send all of your errors to an incident communication and management system like AlertOps.

Integrating AlertOps and Errorception helps correct errors in your JavaScript before it affects your bottom line.

Here’s how integrating AlertOps and Errorception helps you keep your JavaScript in order and your customers happy:

  • AlertOps automatically opens an alert and notifies your team via email, voice, SMS, or mobile push notifications so you immediately know when your code isn’t working, and can minimize the impact of JavaScript errors in customer facing systems.
  • AlertOps sends custom messages with alerts so your teams know what’s going on right out the gate, and have the information they need to get your code working as fast as possible.
  • AlertOps can use any inbound field to establish the topic, so you can track incidents based on topics and route alerts to the team who can correct the error the fastest.

You can do all this with a quick, easy integration using the Generic REST API. These are just a few things you can do with AlertOps and Errorception. To make incident management even easier, AlertOps has configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows, automated incident escalation based on escalation policies, and more.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Errorception integration, and find out what else AlertOps and Errorception can do for you.

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