AlertOps and Icinga Integration Helps You Respond Faster to Any Problem

Icinga Blog

Icinga is an open source monitoring tool that utilizes thousands of monitoring nodes to keep tabs on the pulse of your web and IT systems.

Icinga has monitoring systems for your server, web, and cloud computing systems so you can use Icinga in any situation. To ensure that your monitoring system isn’t a security vulnerability itself, Icinga is built with an integrated cluster system secured with SSL.

Icinga scales with your business as it grows. Icinga also integrates with a whole host of other tools, so adding another piece of tech to your stack won’t render your monitoring system obsolete.

This is a powerful and flexible monitoring system, but Icinga isn’t an incident management system.

That’s where AlertOps comes in.

Integrating AlertOps and Icinga connects your monitoring system to your incident communication and management system so you can respond to incidents faster and resolve problems more efficiently.

Here’s how AlertOps and Icinga empower your incident resolution process:

  • AlertOps automatically creates an incident when it receives a status of “‘DOWN’ – Hosts” or “‘CRITICAL’ – Services.” AlertOps also automatically closes alerts when Icinga reports a status of “UP” or “OK.” This way your team doesn’t have to worry about administrative tasks and can focus on solving the problem.
  • If AlertOps receives a duplicate alert from Icinga, it will suppress creation of a new incident to minimize clutter in your incident management system, and reduce alert fatigue for your teams.
  • Automatically record an alert in the Inbound Messages table as “Mapped Appended” so you know when alerts have been received.

You can do all this using a simple integration through our Generic REST API. AlertOps also gives you other tools like configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows, SLA based escalations, and other capabilities that make incident management easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Icinga integration, and find out what else AlertOps and Icinga can do for you.

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