AlertOps and Librato Integration Gives You All-in-One Performance Monitoring and Incident Management

Librato Blog

Librato is a powerful real-time monitoring system that gives you full visualization of your performance metrics.

You can create a fully populated dashboard in under five minutes. Librato can collect data from almost any source, at any level of your stack, including AWS, Heroku, or even open-source integrations. Librato uses fully functional DSL to transform your metrics into composite metrics using ratios and derivatives.

Then Librato overlays these custom metrics with events to give you long-term performance insights.

You can also craft custom alerts based on the metrics and calculations you use to verify your processes so you can fine tune when Librato sends performance alerts.

AlertOps and Librato integration gives you a complete incident management and communication system and precise performance monitoring and alerts.

Here’s how AlertOps and Librato make your incident response and resolution better:

  • Automate administrative processes so your teams can focus on resolving the problem. AlertOps automatically opens and closes incidents based on the alert status from Librato.
  • Messages from AlertOps can link directly to Librato alerts using a Runbook URL. This reduces your incident response time by enabling your teams to go straight to the problem and get to work.
  • Send custom messages with AlertOps alerts using any field from the inbound JSON so your team immediately has the information they need to start troubleshooting.
  • Map any inbound field to the topic field in AlertOps and track incidents based on topic. This also enables you to use topics to route alerts to the right team for the job.

All these capabilities are possible with a quick, easy AlertOps and Librato  integration using the Generic REST API. AlertOps also delivers configurable message routing rules for on-call teams, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA based severity management, and other tools that make incident management easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Librato integration, and find out what else AlertOps and Librato can do for you.

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