Prebuilt Integration of AlertOps and NetCrunch Extends Your Network Monitoring System Into Incident Response

AlertOps NetCrunch Integration

NetCrunch is a comprehensive network monitoring tool that collects data from your entire network ecosystem.

Out of the box, NetCrunch includes more than 8500 SNMP modules and is compatible with hardware from over 460 vendors such as:

  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Nortel
  • Juniper

NetCrunch also supports all major operating systems and uses upwards of 250 monitoring packs and sensors.

This means that NetCrunch can consistently monitors complex IT systems comprised of both old and new hardware. Additionally, NetCrunch is scalable and grows with your IT infrastructure.

NetCrunch is an extremely capable monitoring system. However, it doesn’t have organic incident response and management tools.

An AlertOps and NetCrunch integration adds incident response and communication tools to your incident monitoring package, and creates an all-in-one monitoring and incident management system.

Here’s how AlertOps and NetCrunch improve your incident response and resolution processes:

  • Automatically open and close incidents based on the status from NetCrunch. An “Open” status triggers AlertOps to open a new incident, and AlertOps will close the incident when a “Closed” status is received. This reduces the administrative load on your team and eliminates redundant work.
  • AlertOps will suppress incident creation if an alert from NetCrunch matches an existing incident to minimize clutter in your incident management tools and systems.
  • AlertOps will record an alert in the Inbound Message Table as “Mapped Appended” once it’s received so you know your alerts are getting to the right people.

All this and more is possible with a simple integration using our Generic REST API. AlertOps also gives you additional tools like configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, and SLA based severity management.

AlertOps makes incident management easy and efficient.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and NetCrunch integration, and find out what more AlertOps and NetCrunch can do for you.

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