Server Density is a hosted monitoring service that monitors servers and websites and visualizes performance metrics using real-time graphs.

Server density collects and displays every performance metric, across all systems, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and other popular cloud computing services. This enables you to identify problems before they affect your customers and become critical incidents.

Since Server Density is hosted, your websites and servers are monitored from several locations around the world so you can be sure that your servers are running fast and your websites are loading quickly.

All this amounts to outstanding performance monitoring and tons of useful data. But all this information doesn’t reduce your time to resolution if you can’t get the information to your teams.

AlertOps gives you the incident communications tools you need to use Server Density to reduce your incident response time and enable you to resolve incidents faster.

Here’s how integrating AlertOps and Server Density can improve your incident management:

  • AlertOps automatically opens alerts when Server Density sends an alert, and closes the alert when Server Density reports a status of “True.” This reduces the administrative load on your tech teams and makes incident management more efficient.
  • AlertOps sends custom messages with alerts using the inbound field from the JSON, so your teams immediately have the information they need to start troubleshooting.
  • AlertOps can map any inbound field to the topic field so you can track incidents by topic, and use them to route incidents to the team who can best resolve the problem.

You can do all this with a quick, simple integration using our Generic REST API. Additionally, AlertOps gives you configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA based severity management, and even more tools that make incident management easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Server Density integration, and find out what more AlertOps and Server Density can do for you.

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