Get a Two-Way Integration Between AlertOps and ServiceNow Without Writing a Single Line of Code

ServiceNow is a responsive cloud services platform for enterprise level businesses, complete with a suite of monitoring and reporting tools. This means that tech teams need incident communication tools that both receive alerts from ServiceNow and send alerts to help manage the ServiceNow incident management system.

AlertOps provides both inbound and outbound communication with the ServiceNow platform. This way you can configure AlertOps and ServiceNow to respond to alerts from each other so that your incident management process is reflect in both systems.

Here’s what you can do with a two-way integration using the AlertOps Generic REST API and the Outbound API:

  • AlertOps can send an alert whenever ServiceNow creates an incident. This works the other way around, too. If AlertOps sends an alert, ServiceNow creates an incident.
  • When an incident owner is changed in AlertOps, the incident owner will automatically be updated in ServiceNow and vise versa. This way you only need to change the incident owner in one system, and it will automatically be updated in the other.
  • When an alert is closed in AlertOps, the corresponding incident will automatically be closed in ServiceNow. AlertOps will also automatically close an alert if the ServiceNow incident is closed.

All this can be done with the Generic REST API and the Outbound API. No coding needed.

A two-way integration of AlertOps and ServiceNow eliminates repetitive tasks and redundant work so your teams can stay focused on the problem and get systems online faster.

To learn more about what you can do with two-way integration and how AlertOps helps you get more value out of the ServiceNow platform, check out our help center.