Keep Your Networks Running Faster With Prebuilt Integration of AlertOps and Solarwinds

AlertOps SolarWinds Integration

Solarwinds is a suite of robust network monitoring and analytics tools that enables you to monitor network performance in real time to detect and correct issues clogging your IT systems.

The Solarwinds monitoring tools analyze traffic patterns, identify applications that are hogging bandwidth, and examine devices along the delivery and Net path so you can quickly pinpoint problems and fix them fast.

All in all, Solarwinds is a powerful network management package that helps you keep your networks running smoothly. However, Solarwinds is a monitoring and analytics platform, not an incident management platform.

With an AlertOps and Solarwinds integration, you get comprehensive network diagnostics and capable incident communication and management. It’s the best of both worlds!

Here’s how AlertOps makes Solarwinds even better:

  • AlertOps routes alerts from Solarwinds to your incident response teams using text, voice, email, or mobile push notifications. The right people always know when Solarwinds finds a problem.
  • AlertOps automatically opens an incident as soon as it receives an alert from Solarwinds. AlertOps takes care of the administrative tasks so your teams can focus on resolving the issue.
  • AlertOps sends alerts with Alert Runbook URLs that take users directly to the Solarwinds alerts so response teams can find out exactly what’s going on as quickly as possible.
  • AlertOps sends custom messages with alerts so team members get critical troubleshooting information as soon as they read the alert.
  • AlertOps enables you to use topics to track incidents and route incidents to the right team for the job.

You get all this with a quick and easy integration using the Generic REST API.

Additionally, AlertOps delivers tools that make incident management easier—customizable message routing rules, configurable workflows, and standardized escalations.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure an AlertOps and Solarwinds configuration and find out what more AlertOps and Solarwinds can do for you.

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