AlertOps Automation

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End-to-End Automation

AlertOps is built for today’s fast paced enterprise. Managing an incident can many times be a chaotic time, so a streamlined workflow, that automatically routes to the next step in your business process, helps resolve the issue at hand quickly. End to end automated workflows, aided by rules engine, allow you to optimize your processes and manage tasks efficiently. We designed and architected AlertOps from the ground up, incorporating unthrottled efficiency through automation, to ensure maximum productivity.

Why AlertOps

AlertOps features highly automated workflows that stands out from the competition, providing the true incident response automation required today. The key differentiator is configurability, that plays well with automation. Configure custom playbook scenarios, with tailored messaging, to specific users or teams. AlertOps enables you to build logic and intelligence off of any of your custom field data points. We can customize, consolidate, and evaluate your data to kick off response scenarios relevant to the ongoing incident. Automated remediation actions can be leveraged to drastically minimize manual effort during response. For more intricate automation, create conditional workflows with time of day or data source triggers to always keep your teams on track.

Our competitors like PagerDuty and xMatters etc., do provide a level of canned, pre-configured and or templated automated workflow. These automations lack the flexibility to accommodate existing processes of an organization. As a result, organizations will often find themselves having to change processes to implement a rigid tool. By harnessing the power of AlertOps’ workflows and its Open Outbound API automate your ticket lifecycle from creation, assignment, closure, to logging response activity, kicking off custom workflows, all within the ITSM. Even trigger manual processes such as, “restarting a service”, so you can keep your operations running no matter where you are. AlertOps provides automation flexibility on a level that the others cannot compete with!

AlertOps: Advanced Automation for Enhanced Clarity

AlertOps was built ground up for an enterprise, to support custom and complex escalations and notification processes. With 10 years of bolstering our solution, AlertOps is prepared to handle any business situation providing our users the enhanced decision making, with our automated workflows. Automating the sequence of steps to resolve the incident, must flow seamlessly end to end, with the least disruptions. No small wonder when we tell our customers “your data, your processes, your way.”