AlertOps Flexibility

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Total Flexibility, No compromise

We believe that our customers should not have to make compromises in their business process to implement and use AlertOps. AlertOps offers total flexibility, meaning it is highly configurable, legitimately addressing your pain points. One of our core tenets, that we use from our ideation stage of our product roadmap, thinking through the various design aspect to allow the maximum flexibility for the user to configure the software to their needs. Leveraging process principles and best practices from established definitions of incident management, including the likes of ITIL, ISO, KCS among others.

Why AlertOps?

Our software plays very well with others, supporting integrations into hundreds of business applications and web services, working with your tools to make them even more powerful. We understand that every customer situation is unique, AlertOps is able to handle these having implemented and managed several customers ranging from large enterprise to small businesses. You can customize everything from data fields, to dynamic routing, or even outbound actions, all specific to your exact situation. For instance, AlertOps utilizes decoupled escalation, an innovative feature that offers even more flexibility; allowing you to escalate an incident between teams, or even create user specific notifications. This is not a feature that you will find with some of our competitors, like PagerDuty, OpsGenie or others. You don’t just have one primary and secondary responder, so you should be able to alert more than one. Our tool can be customized to have multiple primary and secondary responders, ensuring that critical incidents always get the attention they need. It is feature such as these that make AlertOps the preferred choice for our loyal customers.

AlertOps: Complete Control and Flexibility

AlertOps was built ground up for an enterprise, to support custom and complex escalations and notification processes. With 10 years of bolstering our solution, AlertOps is prepared to handle any situation allowing our users enhanced visibility, control and vital flexibility. You can catch us often telling our customers “your data, your processes, your way.”