For those who want to get the most out of an incident monitoring system, integrations are key. With the right integrations, business users can connect an incident tracking system with chat software, service desk apps and other everyday tools. As a result, business users can deploy incident monitoring system integrations to boost productivity and efficiency.

Of course, integrations vary based on the incident management system. If a company selects an incident management system that fails to provide the right integrations, this business could miss out on opportunities to streamline its day-to-day operations. Plus, this company may be forced to allocate significant time and resources to monitor incident alerts. Even worse, this company may struggle to use its incident tracking system to quickly resolve incidents – something that could result in brand reputation damage and revenue losses due to outages, downtime and similar problems.

Finding a best-in-class incident management system that offers the right integrations for a business can be simple. Now, let’s take a look at some of the questions to ask as you evaluate incident tracking systems and the integrations they provide.

  • Do your exchange groups sync?Look for an alert tracking system that offers an integration that enables business users to leverage a premise-hosted exchange server to perform group membership changes. Together, this system and integration can help a business reduce its administrative costs and keep its group records in one place.
  • Do you have two-way integrations that you can use to connect with a service desk?Choose an incident monitoring system that makes it easy to connect to a service desk. That way, a service desk can track escalations and receive real-time incident updates.
  • Do you have the ability to connect your incident monitoring system, chat software and service desk application? Three-way integrations ensure seamless communication between a company’s incident monitoring system, chat software and service desk application. They enable a business to quickly update an alert status across multiple communication platforms, resulting in fast, efficient incident management.
  • Does your monitoring software have open application programming interfaces (APIs)?Open APIs allow business users to configure integrations to almost any system via inbound email and REST and SOAP APIs.

Integrations are crucial for businesses that want to optimize the value of the alert tracking system. By choosing an incident monitoring system that offers the right integrations, a business can manage downtime, outages and other critical incidents like never before.