AlertOps and Amazon CloudWatch Integration Improves AWS Cloud Service Monitoring

AlertOps AWS Integration

Amazon CloudWatch is a very capable cloud monitoring service that collects data and tracks metrics for resource utilization, application performance, and operational health. Amazon CloudWatch is a very capable tool that helps AWS users optimize their cloud computing resources.

But it is only an monitoring tool.

AlertOps expands CloudWatch’s utility with incident communication capabilities. It does an excellent job of monitoring and reporting information. Integrating AlertOps and Amazon CloudWatch helps your teams respond to CloudWatch alerts faster and more efficiently.

Here’s how AlertOps helps you get more from AWS  CloudWatch:

  • Send custom messages with CloudWatch alerts using any field from the inbound JSON. This gives your teams vital troubleshooting information as soon as an alert is received.
  • Use topics to track incidents and route incident alerts to the right teams via text, voice, email, or mobile push notifications. Multi-channel alerts get faster response from on-call teams and automatically update managers and key stakeholders.
  • Automatically open and close incidents based on the alert status from CloudWatch. Automating incident creation and termination relieves your teams of repetitive tasks and reduces redundant work.
  • Route alerts to other systems. AlertOps routes alerts to other systems, such as ticketing systems, to automate customer service and incident response processes and incident escalation.

AlertOps integrates with Amazon CloudWatch quickly and easily using our Generic REST API and Outbound API. Integration through our APIs offers all the capabilities listed here and more.

Find out what else Integrating AlertOps and Amazon CloudWatch can do for you, and learn how the integration works over in our help center.