AlertOps Integrates With Microsoft Azure and Improves Your Cloud Service Monitoring and Incident Response

Microsoft Azure provides configurable and scalable cloud-based services on one of the world’s most popular cloud computing platforms. Status monitoring and basic alerts are part of the standard Azure service offering, but they’re only designed to let you know when Azure services are down or if there’s a performance issue.

AlertOps picks up where the Microsoft Azure alerting system leaves off and automates message routing so incident information automatically flows to the right teams and stakeholders.

Here’s what AlertOps adds to Azure’s alert capabilities:

  • Direct integration using our Generic Email API. AlertOps connects to Azure without any external plugins or extensions.
  • Customized alert management. Decide who gets notifications when AlertOps receives an alert from Azure. Create multiple notification mapping rules to notify the right people based on what sort of alert is received.
  • Automated incident creation and closing based on alerts from Azure.
  • Suppress notifications for duplicate alerts to minimize alert fatigue.

Microsoft Azure provides excellent monitoring tools, and AlertOps helps you get the most value from Azure by automating the process of pushing those alerts to the right people to trigger an appropriate response.

To learn more about what’s possible with AlertOps and Microsoft Azure integration and how to integrate the two, check out our help center.