AlertOps Integrates With Pingdom and Makes Your Incident Response Faster and Incident Management Easier

Pingdom is a smart website performance monitor that tracks both website uptime and performance so companies can keep their website running and running smoothly.

Pingdom also checks to ensure that websites are working as intended. Pingdom provides an intuitive dashboard where reports are displayed and generates alerts when there is a problem. However, Pingdom is designed to tell you when an incident occurs, not to help you manage the incident from start to finish.

This is where AlertOps steps in. AlertOps integrates with Pingdo


m through the Generic REST API and receives alerts and update messages directly from Pingdom. AlertOps enables incident management teams to route messages from Pingdom straight to the people who need to know, so you can respond faster and resolve incidents sooner.

With AlertOps and Pingdom integration, you get:
  • Incident communication with multiple delivery methods so you can immediately contact on-call team members. Get in touch through email, voice, text, or internal communication platforms.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and elimination of redundant work. AlertOps automatically takes care of things like opening and closing incidents so your teams can focus on incident resolution.
  • Automated message routing. The right people and teams receive alerts automatically based on the type of incident reports.
  • Custom messages with alerts using any field from the inbound JSON. Deliver the information incident management teams need to start troubleshooting with the initial alert for faster incident response and resolution.
  • Customizable escalation workflows that can trigger alerts to other systems and people and automate the escalation process for large incidents.
  • Automated incident updates so managers and stakeholders are always in the loop.

These are just a few things that integrating AlertOps and Pingdom does for your tech teams. AlertOps extends Pingdom’s functionality into the incident management space and helps you get the most from your investment in monitoring tools.

To learn more about integrating AlertOps with Pingdom and everything AlertOps can do for your incident management teams, check out our help center.