Rest Easy Relying on Your APIs With AlertOps and Runscope Integration

AlertOps RunScope Integration

Runscope delivers thorough API monitoring so you know when an API is down or underperforming before it affects your customers.

Runscope minimizes downtime, reduces support ticket volume, and gives you lower time-to-resolution. Runscope uses data validation to verify that your APIs are returning correct data and live traffic alerts let your team know as soon as key API transactions fail.

Then Runscope proactively monitors API test result and service performance trends so you can spot and debug API problems fast.

But with all it’s monitoring and analytics power, Runscope isn’t designed to be an incident management system. AlertOps picks up where Runscope leaves off and helps you communicate and resolve the issues that Runscope identifies.

Here’s what an AlertOps and Runscope integration does for you:

  • Send alerts directly from Runscope to AlertOps to trigger your incident response system as soon as an API issue is detected.
  • Automatically open and close alerts in AlertOps based on the status Runscope reports. When a status of fail is received, AlertOps will automatically open an incident and close the incident once a pass status is received. This reduces strain on your team by minimizing administrative tasks and eliminating redundant work.
  • Send out custom messages with alerts from AlertOps using any field from the inbound JSON. This gives your teams the information they need to start troubleshooting as soon as an alert is received.
  • Map an inbound field to the topic field in AlertOps so you can track incidents based on the incident topic, and route alerts to the right team to resolve the issue.

All this is possible with a quick and easy integration using our Generic REST API.

In addition to these capabilities, AlertOps gives you customizable alert routing rules, customizable workflows, and standardized incident escalation to make your all your incident management easier.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure your AlertOps and Runscope integration and what more AlertOps and Runscope can do for you.

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