AlertOps Unveils Heartbeat Monitoring Allowing Digital Infrastructure & Operations Teams to Easily Verify Signals from External Tools

Press Release

Heartbeat Monitoring makes it easy for teams to monitor external services and get alerted when they are down to improve service delivery.

Chicago, Illinois – October 1, 2020 – AlertOps has introduced Heartbeat Monitoring for its incident alerting, on-call management, and response platform. IT teams can use Heartbeat Monitoring to verify their monitoring tools are working properly, providing an added layer of redundancy and visibility.

Signals, or “heartbeats,” from external sources verify whether systems connected to the AlertOps platform are working properly. If a heartbeat is interrupted for a set amount of time, an alert is immediately sent to one or more designated recipients.

With Heartbeat Monitoring, an alert is sent any time a heartbeat is disrupted. After the alert is resolved, the heartbeat returns to normal and AlertOps automatically closes the alert.

IT team members can set up custom Heartbeat Monitor names and expiration intervals, monitor active and inactive heartbeats, and retrieve incident management and response insights. They can also set up multiple Heartbeat Monitors simultaneously and track each monitor separately.

“While organizations often have monitoring tools that detect when a system crashes, there needs to be a level of monitoring that accounts for the monitoring tools themselves,” AlertOps CEO Chellasamy Jamburajan says. “Heartbeat Monitoring adds a layer of redundancy by sending an alert when a monitoring tool recognizes an issue and when a monitoring tool itself may be experiencing an issue.”

Heartbeat Monitoring is available now. To learn more or to request an AlertOps demo, please contact us today.

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