Winning on Black Friday – IT Incident Response Made Simple

win on Black friday

Even with all the changes in consumer behavior due to COVID-19, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here to stay. Social distancing measures that limited instore shopping in 2020 has only led more people to shop online, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. Preparing your e-commerce website and business for the seasonal business surge around Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is crucial.

The time is now to get your business ready for an influx of site visitors and sales. Black Friday is officially one of the busiest shopping days of the year. And especially now as more people opt for online shopping. According to Adobe, a record $10.8 billion was spent online during Cyber Monday 2020. This 15.1% increase from 2019 made it the largest online shopping day in US history, beating last year’s $9.4 billion record. Also, in 2020 a new record for mobile purchases was set on Thanksgiving Day — nearly half of all online sales came from smartphones.

Retail industry analysts are predicting the trends of 2020 to continue and accelerate in 2021. For this year retailers should be ready to deal with increased seasonal traffic peaks. Today, in our all digital all the time world uptime and rapid incident resolution is more critical than ever. Quickly identifying and resolving IT incidents before they affect sales, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and the overall customer experience is the top priority of retailers today.

9 Ways AlertOps Makes Seasonal Incident Response Simple

The AlertOps Platform comes complete with features that help your business limit the impact of IT incidents, outages and other IT related downtime that may occur:

1. Planning, Prevention, and Protection

Our platform enables businesses to Implement monitoring controls to ensure that they are fully up, running, and adequately protected against cyberattacks. Users can easily access all the data needed to analyze and review previous Black Friday e-commerce website volume and system load and adjust infrastructure forecasts accordingly. The platform can also empower businesses to track cyberattack trends leading up to Black Friday, ensure that third-party components correspond to various SLAs, and automate infrastructure configuration and quality control testing.

2. Continuous Testing

Perform e-commerce load testing, so you can see how your site performs against expected thresholds. Furthermore, our platform promotes ongoing error and vulnerability testing, allowing your business to detect e-commerce mistakes and security issues that could hamper its performance 365-days a year.

3. Early Detection of E-Commerce Issues

With AlertOps, your business can effectively monitor its e-commerce website. This ensures that your company can identify any problems in their early stages and mitigate them before they cause an outage. Plus, you can leverage performance, error, and log monitoring data to verify your e-commerce site performs at peak levels throughout the holiday season.

4. Immediate Remediation of E-Commerce Issues

AlertOps ensures on-call staff are immediately notified any time an e-commerce website outage occurs. The platform offers automatic escalations, so on-call personnel are automatically alerted any time an incident arises. This speeds up incident remediation — and reduces the risk of a prolonged e-commerce outage.

5. Major Incident Management

By using AlertOps your business can establish major incident management playbooks that enable your company to identify who should be alerted if an e-commerce outage occurs and document the steps and processes needed to notify the right personnel during the incident. It also ensures on-call staff use the proper communication channels to keep in touch with one another throughout an e-commerce outage, leading to fast, efficient incident remediation.

6. Major Incident Management Playbook Automation

After you define all aspects of your major incident management playbook, AlertOps makes it simple to automate major incident response. The result: your on-call staff can automate incident management and optimize incident response.

7. Automated Communications

AlertOps minimizes the risk of missed communications during a Black Friday e-commerce outage. The platform allows your on-call staff to keep in touch with one another via text, SMS, and other contact methods. It also automates communications, enabling the right team members to engage with one another until an incident is fully resolved.

8. Comprehensive Analytics

By leveraging AlertOps, your business can gain the insights it needs to prevent holiday season e-commerce outages and other IT issues in the years to come. AlertOps ensures your business can capture data and insights at each stage of an incident. As such, the platform allows your company to identify its incident response strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to improve its incident response efforts.

9. Post-Mortem Reporting

AlertOps delivers blameless post-mortem reports that enable your business to review details surrounding major incidents, including key takeaways from the incident, and what can be done to prevent related issues. You can use post-mortem reports to find ways to continuously improve your incident response.

Deliver Best-In-Class Services at Scale 365-Days a Year

Delivering a category-leading customer experience today requires a retailer to maintain high availability across complex, interconnected services such as payment gateways, inventory and order management, and website and mobile apps…. especially during seasonal peaks. The AlertOps, incident management platform can help by providing teams with complete visibility across systems and processes, proactively resolve problems and capitalize on real-time opportunities all while delivering the desired top quality customer experience. Our platform with its industry-leading intelligent automation can help your business deliver remarkable services at scale 365-Days a year and especially during seasonal spikes.

Be Prepared in The Face of Uncertainty with AlertOps

This holiday season be ready when disaster strikes. System failure, power outage, weather, cyber hacks – these threats defy prediction but demand resilience. Equip and empower your frontline teams with essential information to keep your people, customers happy. Use AlertOps as your nerve-center to navigate any storm that comes your way. Then fully leverage incident data and learnings, to build resilience and focus on prevention.

If your organization is ready to discover how AlertOps can help, try our 14-Day Free Trial Today.