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Turn Key Solutions was established in 1999 with the mission to help small and medium-sized companies just like yours reach their business and fiscal goals through cutting edge technology. Since then, we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support and technology service based on the principles of integrity, professionalism and accountability.
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    LA, USA.

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    IT Support

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    Managed Service Provider


This white paper explores how Turn Key Solutions, a leading technology provider, has successfully leveraged AlertOps to revolutionize their alerting and incident management processes. The paper delves into the specific challenges faced by Turn Key Solutions, the solutions provided by AlertOps, and the tangible benefits experienced by the organization.

1. Introduction:

In the fast-paced world of technology, providing seamless and uninterrupted support to clients is crucial. Turn Key Solutions found a reliable partner in AlertOps to address their need for a robust alerting and incident management system.

2. Challenges Faced by Turn Key Solutions:

Turn Key Solutions supports clients across the United States around the clock. Their service team faced challenges with previous alerting systems, ranging from excessive noise to unreliable performance and insufficient reporting capabilities. They needed a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing Professional Services Automation (PSA) and other systems, providing them with timely and relevant alerts without overwhelming their team.

3. The AlertOps Advantage:

AlertOps emerged as the solution that not only met but exceeded Turn Key Solutions’ expectations. The integration capabilities provided almost instant alerts about critical issues, allowing Turn Key Solutions to monitor client systems 24x7x365 without the need for excessive staffing.
4. Key Benefits Experienced by Turn Key Solutions:

4.1 Peace of Mind:

  • Immediate alerts ensure that the right team members are notified promptly when clients’ systems go offline.
  • Clear accountability and visibility into alert responses contribute to peace of mind for Turn Key Solutions.
  • AlertOps technical support has been consistently timely and effective thus far, which provides the important assurance that if needed, they will be available.

4.2 Efficient Incident Handling:

  • After-hours response times to emergency situations mirror office hours response times, thanks to the rapid alerting from AlertOps and Turn Key Solutions’ staff use of AlertOps.
  • A reliable and easy to set-up integration with the PSA software ensures that alerts seamlessly translate into tickets for further action.

4.3 Historical Data for Improvement:

  • AlertOps’ historical data enables Turn Key Solutions to review incident handling, facilitating internal training and enhancing customer communication.
5.2 Crushing Service Level Objectives (SLO):
  • Immediate responses to AlertOps messages empower Turn Key Solutions to consistently surpass Service Level Agreements (SLAs), fostering customer satisfaction.
5.2 Crushing Service Level Objectives (SLO):
  • The mobile-friendly nature of AlertOps allows the team to receive alerts on the go, ensuring quick response times.
  • Different user levels are easily set up, providing flexibility in user management.
6. Conclusion:
Turn Key Solutions’ positive experience with AlertOps showcases the pivotal role that an efficient alerting and incident management system plays in delivering exceptional tech support. The integration capabilities, historical data analysis, and ease of use have collectively contributed to Turn Key Solutions’ ability to meet and exceed client expectations. In conclusion, AlertOps has not only addressed the challenges faced by Turn Key Solutions but has become a cornerstone in their commitment to providing unparalleled services to clients, solidifying the partnership for long-term success.