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This Data Services leader provides the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. The company provides a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI.


After struggling with a restrictive on-prem solution, an IT Services leader needed a cloud-based enterprise IT Service Alerting solution capable of automating on-call scheduling, while providing real-time visibility, reporting and analytics across the organization. AlertOps not only helped improve operational efficiency for their teams by reducing mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) but also improved focus and visibility for management, as well as technical responders.


Note: This company and its employees have requested to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. 

  • Data Services
  • De-coupled On-call Scheduling & Automated Escalations
  • Master the Unexpected
  • Noise-reduction & Flood Control
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Response Orchestration with Slack®

Improving Efficiency by Transforming TechOps


An IT & Data Services leader knew they needed “something different.” The previous application was on-site and outdated and they had to make a decision of “whether to update the hardware or look for something new.” After thoroughly evaluating multiple options, they chose AlertOps.



  • De-coupled On-call Scheduling
  • Automated Escalations
  • Noise-reduction & Flood Control
  • Response Orchestration with Slack®
  • Real-time Visibility, Reporting & Analytics


Soon after implementing AlertOps, teams began to see immediate value and benefits: “It’s the automation that benefited my team quite a bit...AlertOps allowed our team to focus on procedures to restore service, instead of having a split mind.” The inbound integration features and advanced routing and noise-reduction filtering also helped drastically reduce workloads – “now it’s not involving my operations team...it’s automated.” Additionally, “AlertOps is very user friendly and easy-to-use...and the support is fantastic.” AlertOps provides real-time visibility to teams and allows them to resolve incidents on a global scale.