Fortune 1000® Gaming Software Company



This Fortune 1000 Gaming Software company, referred to as ‘Company A,’ is a developer, marketer, publisher, and distributer of video games for PCs and mobile devices and various consoles made by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Company A generates billions of dollars in revenue each year by ensuring fantastic service availability and delivery – and ultimately, high customer satisfaction.

However, to achieve this high level of customer satisfaction, it has become essential for Company A’s ITOps (IT Operations) team to easily monitor and maintain all IT systems and processes in the event of a technical business disruption. AlertOps enabled Company A to increase visibility across the organization, empowered their teams to respond quickly to IT incidents, and reduce downtime.

Note: Company A and its employees have requested to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

  • Gaming Software and Systems
  • Consolidate Scheduling & Visibility Across the Organization
  • Prioritize Escalation Policies
  • Response Orchestration with Slack®
  • War Room Team Enablement



Company A’s ITOps team oversees the organization’s servers and devices, networks, help desks, and computer operations. Within the ITOps team, there is an on-call team of engineers dedicated to fixing technical issues as they arise, anytime and anywhere. They are the first to address any customer-impacting and business-impacting incidents.


However, organizing the on-call teams proved to be a challenge for Company A’s ITOps team. “Each [group] handled it independently using different policies, tools, and methods. Nobody knew where the on-call schedules existed,” the team’s Service Delivery Manager explained. Company A looked to AlertOps for a software that would “consolidate the on-call schedules into one place, then create a policy for all teams to adhere to.”


AlertOps provided Company A’s ITOps team with the ability to quickly implement the standards they need for on-call schedules and rotations. Using AlertOps, the company developed a highly mature response plan capable of complex enterprise scheduling, with a high level of visibility.



Company A’s ITOps team uses the ServiceNow® platform to monitor the health of their IT systems. However, the team struggled with categorizing and prioritizing the alerts and tickets from the ServiceNow® platform. “Alerts were flying all over the place…It was too noisy,” they said. For Company A, it became crucial to standardize all ticket priorities and what each ticket meant for the ITOps team.

AlertOps enabled Company A to make informed decisions about the priority of each ticket, ultimately empowering their ITOps team to work more effectively. After integrating AlertOps and ServiceNow®, the number of critical alerts was reduced by 75%. “AlertOps completes the integration of ServiceNow®… It’s really simple to get AlertOps to work with any tool,” the team said.


  • Disorganized on-call scheduling and low visibility.

  • Excessive alert noise and slow responses to notifications.


    AlertOps has transformed Company A’s ITOps practices by organizing their on-call scheduling and eliminating unnecessary alert noise to increase visibility and productivity. The team quickly implemented AlertOps through white-glove onboarding and ongoing support features. Essential ITOps processes are now streamlined. “The support team has always been responsive and been a great help … satisfaction rate is 100%,” they noted.