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After struggling to maintain SLA, a Public University needed a cloud-based enterprise IT Service Alerting solution capable of automating ticket handling while alerting field support technicians and allowing them to take assignment and manage tickets on-the-go.. AlertOps not only reduced manual processes, but helped their team automate ticket handling to consistently meet SLA,


Note: This company and its employees have requested to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. 



  • Higher Education




  • Incident Orchestration with 2-way Ticketing Integration
  • Maintaining SLA
  • Noise-reduction & Reduced Escalation
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Reporting & Analytics

Helping Support Teams Manage Tickets & Meet SLA


Prior to AlertOps, a leading State University was struggling to get in touch with field techs and meet SLA. Their service desk would try to reach field techs but it was hit or miss, and they were struggling to hit their 5-7 minute SLA. The calls would come in to the service desk and the field team would never be dispatched. We would get messages like “I called and nobody came.” Tickets were falling through the cracks.



  • Maintaining SLA
  • Alert Noise
  • Incident Escalation
  • Incident Orchestration with 2-way Ticketing
  • Integration
  • Real-time Visibility, Reporting & Analytics


Soon after implementing AlertOps, “everyone loved it. The first thing that clicked was when those first calls came in. the Service Desk just had to put in the ticket and hit save. Entry is written into the ticket. Alert gets sent. Techs receive it. Hits assign button. They were getting to the classroom. Field Techs were happy because they were not getting yelled at... Compared to the fall, we had very few escalation issues.” AlertOps provides real-time visibility to support teams and allows them to effectively respond to tickets to meet SLA.