AlertOps and Catchpoint Integration Keeps Your Customers Happy

AlertOps CatchPoint Integration

Your website is your online business card, storefront, help center, and maybe even more. In the digital age, customers have come to expect reliability. If your website is slow, timed out, or—worst of all—offline, it’s only a matter of minutes before customers start abandoning your website or complaining.

This costs you money.

Catchpoint is an advanced digital experience monitor that alerts you as soon as customer facing systems are underperforming or down. With Catchpoint you always know which systems are healthy and which ones need work, so you never lose a sale to slow web performance.

Catchpoint is an awesome monitoring tool. However, it’s only a monitoring tool, not an incident management system. Integrating AlertOps and Catchpoint creates a complete incident detection and management system that enables you to identify issues and communicate with the people who can fix them.

Here’s how AlertOps and Catchpoint maximize the uptime and performance of your customer facing systems:

  • AlertOps instantly pages the team member who can solve the problem as soon as it receives an error message from Catchpoint. Alerts can be sent to teams via email, voice, SMS, or mobile push notifications.

This can cut minutes off your response time and ensure that alerts are never missed.

  • AlertOps sends alerts to multiple teams at once so you can resolve complex incidents faster.
  • AlertOps sends custom messages with alerts so your teams can get to work right away and reduce your time to resolution.

These are just a few of the capabilities an AlertOps and Catchpoint integration brings to the incident management table. AlertOps also offers a complete set of incident management tools—configurable message routing, customizable workflows, and automated incident escalation according to escalation policies—that make incident management easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to configure an AlertOps and Catchpoint integration and find out what else AlertOps and Catchpoint can do for you.

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