Prebuilt Integration of AlertOps and Catchpoint Keeps Your Cloud Services Online

AlertOps CatchPoint Integration

Catchpoint is a state-of-the-art cloud performance monitor that enables cloud service providers to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of their cloud platforms.

If there’s a dip in performance or a cloud service goes down, Catchpoint will instantly catch the discrepancy so teams can troubleshoot. Catchpoint also monitors the performance of third-party provider networks so you can see how your contracted infrastructure is affecting your cloud performance and make sure you’re getting the bandwidth you’re paying for.

Catchpoint is an indispensable tool for cloud service providers.

However, Catchpoint is designed to spot issues and incidents as soon as they occur. It’s not intended to be an incident management system. Integrating AlertOps with Catchpoint gives you effective incident monitoring and efficient incident management, so you can meet and exceed SLA requirements and keep your business partners happy.

Here’s how integrating AlertOps and Catchpoint makes your incident response faster and improves your business partners’ experience:

  • Immediately distribute incident alerts to your teams. As soon as Catchpoint sends an error alert, AlertOps automatically creates an incident and contacts the appropriate team through email, voice, SMS, or mobile push notification.

This gives you the fastest incident response when minutes matter.

  • Provide consistent incident updates to your teams and your business partners. AlertOps sends automated incident update messages based on the status reported by Catchpoint.

Your business partners will always know that you’re working hard and what you’re doing to resolve the incident, and incident management teams will have up-to-the-minute information.

  • Send custom alert messages based on the intended audience. Your business partners will get updates with information that’s relevant to them and their customers. At the same time, your tech teams will get separate updates with troubleshooting information.

This way, nobody is ever in the dark during an incident.

These are just a few of the benefits of integrating AlertOps and Catchpoint. AlertOps also delivers configurable message routing rules, customizable workflows, and automated incident escalation according to SLA policies, so incident management is easy.

Head over to our help center to learn how to integrate AlertOps and Catchpoint and what else this integration can do for you.

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