Improvements in AlertOps

Minor Update:

Improvements in include minor updates, and improvements to the recent update.


Here’s a short list of important improvements:

Out of Office – AlertOps now allows for on-call delegation for select groups, when you’re in multiple groups, and not truly out of office (OOF). Essentially, you could now be out of office for 3 out of 4 groups.

Slack Integration Update – Now you can link the Slack username and the AlertOps username. This will ensure that your AlertOps username gets synced up automatically with your Slack username so you can take assignment easily.

Dashboard – Within the Top 10 Open Alerts Report- you are able to include ‘Integration’ and ‘Source’.

Outbound Log – Show responses received from whoever we POST to in the outbound log – allowing us to troubleshoot errors.

Minor Bug Fixes & Enhancements

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