A web application performance tool that offers monitoring for IT infrastructure.

AppDynamics is an all-in-one web application performance tool that measures efficiency and offers real-user monitoring for the entire IT infrastructure. Internet-facing customer sites, internal facing sites, web services, FTP services are all giving you alerts from every which way.

That’s why you use a tool like AppDynamics, because you need to know when any of your critical systems go down, and when they go back up in a fast and efficient manner through real time monitoring.

Now, AlertOps + AppDynamics can make your life even better. You can route your AppDynamics web hook notifications to AlertOps using our Generic REST API, and rest easy knowing that the notifications will get to the right person or team, and with the right level of urgency. And when AppDynamics sends the ‘Closed’ status notification, AlertOps will shut down the alert.

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